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About Us

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UD started with the vision of giving those exposure who are pushing the boundaries of excellence through their expression and vision utilizing different forms of art. No matter our various unique backgrounds nor our walks of life, these forms of art bring us together and allow us to connect and be the “Diplomats” to our pasts or those who don’t have the opportunity to be seen or heard. We use these forms to reach those that need inspiration as well as those that may be unaware of what can be seen as art.


From the mural artists to the underground taggers, the street vendors to the street musicians, the skaters to the dirt bike squads, all these and so much more can be considered unruly but each of those talented  individuals are diplomats to their pasts and that is what makes us the “Unruly Diplomats”.

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  1. disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control.

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plural noun: diplomats

  1. an official representing a country abroad.

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